Magnetic hooks

Magnetic hooks

Magnetic hooks are often used as ceiling magnets. But you can also place them on a vertical surface, a wall, or all kinds of metal objects. Ideal for the flexible fastening of signs or advertising applications. Magnetic hooks are available in different sizes and strengths and with a metal and plastic housing. We also have ceiling magnets with a threaded end and with an eye. 

The holding force indicated is the force perpendicular to the surface on which the magnet is placed. You can hang so much kg from the magnet on the ceiling before it comes loose. If you place a magnet on a wall (and hang something on it), gravity will exert a force parallel to the base of the magnet. Then the magnet will release faster! The shear force is the force that runs parallel to the surface on which the magnet is placed. The shear strength is about 25% less than the tensile strength.


Magnetic hook plastic housing

The magnets with a plastic housing are neodymium magnets with an (open) steel hook.
There are also ceiling magnets with a (closed) eye. Handy for attaching or hanging signs or advertising applications.
These ceiling magnets are available in different sizes and strengths.


Magnetic hook metal housing

The magnet hooks with a metal housing are pot magnets.
The magnet is in a steel casing ("pot") which concentrates the magnetic forces towards the holding surface when the magnet is in contact with the holding surface.
This results in a very high holding force.