Elastic tensioners, Eyelets & Tube Couplings

Tensioners, Rubber tensioners, Elastics, Eyelets & Pipe couplings

A banner is fastened in a frame with a tension elastic like a tension hook or an elastic banner tie. These elastic fasteners can also be used to secure a tarpaulin and many other purposes

At Ropro you will find all types of elastic tensioners such as, tension elastic, elastic loop with hook or with ball, Stormfix, banner elastic, stretchers, tension rubbers, TIR rubbers and elastic cord on roll. You can also contact us for grommets, hand press for grommets and pipe couplings. Ropro supplies high quality products from our own stock with a fast delivery process. If ordered before 14,00h the goods will be shipped the same day.


Banner advertising

Nowadays, banners are used much more actively as an advertising application and it becomes clear that this form of advertising requires a special fastening technique. The banners are attached to a tubular frame by means of grommets and tensioning elastics. The tubular frame can be made using tubular couplings and then fixed to the wall, facade or in the ground.


Elastic rope/loop with banner hook

An elastic loop or banner tie is used to attach a banner to a frame or to attach a tent or tarpaulin. The elastic loops are twisted around the tube and then attached to the grommet/ eyelet using the hook. Tension elastics are available with different types of hooks and systems. Each system has unique properties when it comes to fastening. 

Bungee cord

Elastic cord or bungee cord is used for tensioning and fastening banners, tents, nets and sails. The elastic cord is multi-purpose and can be used for many other purposes. The trapeze cord is available in 6mm and 8mm thickness. The elastic cord is supplied per roll and is directly available in white and black. If you would like a different colour, this can of course also be supplied.

Eyelets and grommets

Eyelets are used to attach a banner to a frame or to attach a tent or tarpaulin. Eyelets or grommets  are ideal for e.g. banners, tarpaulins and tents, but also for leather, textiles and rubber. These rings are ideal for attachment with elastic loops witht hook or elastic or cord. Eyelets are available in several sizes and colours. You can also contact us for the materials to attach the eyelets such as a hand press and die sets suitable for the different sizes of eyelets.

Tube couplings

Tube couplings or pipe couplers are used for banner frames, scaffolding, guardrails and other purposes. Our pipe couplings are suitable for safety constructions and high load applications. Qfix pipe couplings are in contrast to several "cheaper" couplings hot-dip galvanized, are provided with stainless steel adjusting screws and are TÜV certified.